As I drain my first cup of tea of the day and go to collect the warm egg laid in the cat basket (yes that’s where our hen lays her eggs these days), the sun rises slowly over the cork forested hill in the distance it seems a good time to reflect on our ‘gap … More Reflections

Food, Glorious food!

Food Glorious food It’s obvious really, isn’t it? Shop bought fruit and veg just aren’t as fresh as garden picked fruit and veg. The very best thing about growing our own means we have really easy access to gorgeous super fresh organic fruit and vegetables, if you haven’t experienced it yet, maybe this sounds weird, … More Food, Glorious food!

Living the dream

  Aah if you could see me now, tapping away at the keyboard of my laptop on the terrace, shaded by the ripening grapevines, with a glorious golden sunrise just fading to my left as the sun begins to peep over the forested hills whilst I slap myself repeatedly in the face as a relentless … More Living the dream

Art and Potatoes

Creative farmlife – embracing our inner artists! There’s no reason why growing vegetables can’t be creative, and we’ve been unapologetically building yin yang spirals to grow broccoli and broad beans from our arrival, because – why not?! Our time and space here has really given Jack the time and the space to explore his artistic side. … More Art and Potatoes

Distractions come in threes?

Look behind you! A kitten makes its first appearance. Ever since we noticed that this little fella behind our occasional visitor, My Muse or Duchess as we call her as – she has a slightly superior attitude- last week, we’ve been a little preoccupied, some might say obsessed, with three, welcome joyful, playful distractions in another stressful week.   Duchess, … More Distractions come in threes?

My muse

has brought me kittens.. I should say again, she brought me the two that feature in the other cat photos in this blog, volunteer mousers who started to come ever closer and are now with us for life. So, we need to tame this occasional visitor and current cork tree resident (she doesn’t come in the … More My muse

Happiness is..

Being present, the gift of cats is surely how to be mindful? Happiness is..being a cat on a strawbale, just enjoying the morning sunshine. May had quite a few challenges, serious illness in the family and the loss of one of our hens and our smallest kitten. So we are taking stock and enjoying each … More Happiness is..