Food, Glorious food!

Food Glorious food

It’s obvious really, isn’t it? Shop bought fruit and veg just aren’t as fresh as garden picked fruit and veg.

The very best thing about growing our own means we have really easy access to gorgeous super fresh organic fruit and vegetables, if you haven’t experienced it yet, maybe this sounds weird, but there is something so fulfilling about the sensory experience of freshly harvested food, and you just cannot get that from shop bought food.

I am nourished by walking out to my vegetable patch under the dappled shade of our olive trees and selecting the best of my sun warmed tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet peppers. Creating a simple rainbow salad from this has nourished my mind and body before I have even taken the first bite. Eating it is just a bonus!

Eating healthily is no longer something on my ‘must do’ list – I do it simply because it just feels so good!

And I don’t feel a need to load up on chocolate ‘treats’ either.


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