Art and Potatoes

Creative farmlife – embracing our inner artists!

There’s no reason why growing vegetables can’t be creative, and we’ve been unapologetically building yin yang spirals to grow broccoli and broad beans from our arrival, because – why not?!

Our time and space here has really given Jack the time and the space to explore his artistic side. he started with broad brush-strokes – quite literally – when we let him use the interior walls of this wooden cabin as his canvass. He had dabbled before but this caught his energy to great effect. He has since drawn cartoon characters, sketched patterns and wild animals and copied illustrations from his favourite book covers, he makes digital art too and continues to explore at his own pace, without deadlines or judgment.

At first, I thought he doesn’t take after me as I wasn’t particularly good at ‘art’ at school, my teacher rubbished my efforts, so, like many people, I didn’t think of myself as either artistic or creative. But when I think about it, I may not draw but I do photograph all the time, constantly framing the world around me. I see patterns and shapes, literally everywhere. It’s beautiful and I love it. So I do identify with my son’s vision, his pull towards creative design as we worked side by side building dry stone walls and marking out the new vegetable patches which are never ever square.

When gardening, I am also watching and enjoying the amazing wildlife in floral, and fauna forms that come with this sustainable patch of land, and chemical free gardening. From the Fibonacci sequences of spiraling sunflower seeds, to the symmetrical designs on shield bugs, there is just so much in the natural world that is simply awesome!

So embrace your inner creative self in whatever way makes you feel good, who cares if – like me -you can’t for the life of you draw a horse that actually looks like a horse?!


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