Moonlight and Mosquitoes

How great is it to really be able to see the night sky? Undiluted by urban lights, this amazing twinkling, ever-shifting canvas above us, with the mighty milky way stretching out across it. It’s a nightly wonder I am so pleased my boys can enjoy out here.

For the last few days, the stars have been dimmed by the brightness of the full moon, this lunar light is so bright it casts shadows, and of course, the full moonrise is it’s own wonder, rising huge and golden like a second sunrise.


that’s the moon, not the sun!


From our terrace we can see all the way south to the Algarve mountain range, there are only a couple of pockets of village street lights, and with such little light pollution dampening this nightly wonder it’s easy to see shooting stars – it’s a question of when not if – you will be able to make a wish.

At 4 am this morning, my insomnia was rewarded with a full moon illuminating the thick cloud of mist that has draped itself low over the forest of cork trees that surround my hill. The air was so clear, clean, and cool it was like the most refreshing cold drink.

It was a reminder to just take a deep breath and allow myself to be awed by this natural world. It is just wonderful.


what a beautiful way to start the day


And it almost makes up for the savage attention of the three trillion mosquitoes that seem to find me and my boys irresistible each and every night.

Thank goodness for mosquito nets!


2 thoughts on “Moonlight and Mosquitoes

  1. Thanks for painting wonderful word picture of the sky’s above you at your home. For the 14 years I live in the wilderness I too shared that beauty, but I can assure you nothing will ever top standing beneath a sky ablaze with the Northern Lights and I hope you too will one day experience a sky full of colors painted by angels.


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