Distractions come in threes?

Look behind you! A kitten makes its first appearance.


Ever since we noticed that this little fella behind our occasional visitor, My Muse or Duchess as we call her as – she has a slightly superior attitude- last week, we’ve been a little preoccupied, some might say obsessed, with three, welcome joyful, playful distractions in another stressful week.



Duchess, cunningly stashed her brood away from the reach of the hens – who were very curious, under the pallets under the straw bales. This meant we only caught brief tantalising glimpses of them for the first day,  so we actually thought these two (above) were one kitten  – if you only see their faces they are really alike, so it was only when we finally saw them together later that same day and realised two had been coming out one at a time, classic twin tricks, or so we thought.

My identical twin boys thought they had a twin kitten each. They kindly said I could have Duchess.


And then this one another appeared. So now I have my own kitten!

cute kittens

No, we are not at all obsessed by our surprise kittens, not even a bit taken with their antics, morning, day and evening; whether they are playing, sleeping, feeding, sleeping, exploring, playing, sleeping, feeding, climbing trees…

I wonder what they are doing now? I think I will just check.

looks like someone beat me to it…


Yes, even the photo of my son Jack is of him taking a picture of the kittens.


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