My muse


has brought me kittens..


I should say again, she brought me the two that feature in the other cat photos in this blog, volunteer mousers who started to come ever closer and are now with us for life.


So, we need to tame this occasional visitor and current cork tree resident (she doesn’t come in the house). She is a little more approachable but clearly has never been a lap cat.

She hangs out and watches the view whilst I write.

I’m quite attached, to this unattached cat and I’m curious where she lives the rest of the time. She is either the best hunter ever or has other ‘owners’ who feed her. I’m leaning towards the latter explanation.

The garden continues to grow, whilst I wilt in the heat. Though I have to shade the sweet peppers so they don’t get sunburn. Olives, grapes, and figs have appeared and are swelling daily.

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And the ludicrously red pomegranate flowers draw in the bees, including these huge wonderfully named ‘violet winged carpenter bees’.




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