Wildlife on our doorstep

The things you don’t see when you are all tucked up in bed..

There were clues that we weren’t the only ones enjoying loquats, loquat stones and half eaten loquats suggested another visitor was swinging by at night for a healthy feast.

So we set up our camera trap and saw these amazing results.


Our marten was such a frequent visitor I’ve compiled some clips on this link – our cats got in on the act too of course! wildlife watch And if you haven’t seen this creature in action before check out the egg stealing clips! If we aren’t quick enough finding our free range eggs he takes those too!

Cheeky, but very cute. Almost another pet?

We’re leaving 20 loquats in a pile for him/her tonight.


2 thoughts on “Wildlife on our doorstep

  1. I too had marten’s around my cabin and especially liked to watch them in winter when their coat was as pure white as the snow around them.


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