Delicious pie

Our loquat tree is in full fruit, gorgeous little yellow-amber plum-sized fruits with a taste somewhere between an apricot and a plum, and they are so handy you can literally reach out of our cottage window to pick them!

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As our garden is starting to bear more vegetables and we had a tree full of fruit we thought we would be social and invited our nearest neighbours (from the hill opposite) over for a meal, so we could delight them with our baby new potatoes, fresh salad, free range quiche and of course homemade loquat pie.

Unsurprisingly, our attempt at vague sophistication didn’t quite go to plan, as they arrived our tired little gas cooker decided it wanted to fill the air with smoke again – though luckily did not actually erupt into flames this time..

So, leaving all the doors open we took them on an extended tour of the olive grove whilst the air cleared.

Luckily, like the chocolate cake before it, in spite of – or who knows maybe because of? – the ‘smoked’ treatment the loquat pie still tasted delicious, so much so that Jack threw his slice in the air in excitement, and it joined the remains of the rest of our glassware. Yes, you could say we’ve had a ‘smashing’ time this week and we may need to invest in more durable ware – is there such a thing as ‘teen proof’?

It seemed a fitting tribute that we all shared a little of our pie with him while we shared stories and more laughter.


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