You couldn’t make it up..

It’s the end of another beautiful sunny day, bees still humming around the broad bean flowers, as I harvest, water, rearrange the mulch around my growing food forest, the air sweetly scented with pollen..

‘Um. mum.’

The breeze carries the sound of one of my children to me over the hum, of oh wow a bee with purple wings, that is amazing. Oh but the hens have been burying my seedlings again, I duck down to uncover them.


I look up over the shoulder high plants and notice the sun is dipping behind the hills opposite, the air around me is bathed in that wonderful golden light of the hour before sunset. It’s a blissful moment.



‘Um, the oven is on fire.’



Yes, dear reader, the oven was indeed on fire, proper shooting flames filled it’s window. Proper flames.

I move to automated designated adult mode. Switch off gas. Check. Still huge flames. Oh. I close all the doors, having first ensured children and cats are now outside. Check. I soak a tea towel with water. I open the oven door and I smother the fire. Check. I stand back for a moment. The fire self re-ignites. Oh.

Moments later I do get the Β fire to go out with another gently soaked wet tea towel. And as we open all the doors, letting the smoke billow away freely, I enjoyed the remainder of that golden evening with my cats and my children and as our smoke filled, streaming eyes met I had a question for my son.

‘So, Jack, what exactly did you put in that cake?’




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